• Great Lakes Pentagram (2011) Great Lakes Pentagram (2011)

    Black glass, silver and vinyl (30cm x 30cm)

    In 2007 the artist made journey around the Great Lakes region of the USA, tracing copper mining pioneers. Here the route is overlapped with earth energy lines in the form a pentagram.

  • Holons (40x40cm) mirror, glass and copper (2012) Holons (40x40cm) mirror, glass and copper (2012)

    As stated in Rupert Sheldrake’s “Rebirth of Nature” a holon is the sum of it’s parts. Each identical unit is complete and replicates in three’s to make a larger organism. Mirrored holons are always infinitely self-reflexive.

  • Two into One (2011) detail Two into One (2011) detail

    An amalgam of two ‘half spheres’ fused together

    Detail to a temporary intervention set into the concrete outside Outpost Studios and later installed in a disused yard as part of Hackney WickED Festival.

  • Two into One (2011) Two into One (2011)

    Glass, plastic, wood (0.6m x 0.6m x 0.05m)

    Overview of the intervention outside Outpost Studios, Norwich

  • Two into One (2011) detail Two into One (2011) detail

    150 Glass spheres on a mirrored surface reflect and refract the sky

    at Hackney WickED Festival

  • Dancing with Devils Heads (2009) Dancing with Devils Heads (2009)

    Pampas Grass, fabric, ribbon, embroidery, “Devil’s Head” Seedpods from Water Chestnut plants on the banks of the Hudson River, NY (0.5m x 0.3m)

  • Pre-flight (2008) Pre-flight (2008)

    Beeswax and wood (2m x 0.4m)

  • Alchemical Column (2007) Alchemical Column (2007)

    Timber, plywood, lead, zinc, aluminum, steel, copper, silver, and gold wires, soil & garden (Dimensions variable)

  • Alchemical Column (2007) detail Alchemical Column (2007) detail

    The column garden is planted with English daisies, Azalea’s, Ash Tree, Broccoli plants, strawberry plants, sweet peas

  • Sugar strand (2008) Sugar strand (2008)

    Boiled sugar, plywood, brass (9m x 0.1m)