I investigate the natural structures and generative processes that knit the Earth and humanity together. I posit myself in a gap where the two meet. I am both and I am neither fully, I hover in between intuition and intellect.

My research spans sacred geometry, quantum physics, geology, biology, physiology, and natural energy systems. I am guided into these areas by a desire for personal transformation. I follow a fleeting image or process that sparks a new awareness in me and intuitively presses me to find out more.

I uncover the depths to invite transformation, embracing light particles as they infiltrate consciousness.  I engage with reflective surfaces and ritualistic materials that allude to the alchemical processes of purification and transmutation. I am fuelled by the constant potential for change and I believe whole-heartedly in transformation through art.

My work is a process of experiments, setting up structures that create interplay between formal arrangement and controlled release. I celebrate visceral materials such as gloss paint, paraffin wax, graphite powder, organic matter, raw metals and wood. I seek to catalyse state changes from solid to liquid to gas, immersing myself in the process and drawing forth images along the way.



Curriculum Vitae



2008   MFA Sculpture, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
2003   BA Hons. Fine Art Sculpture, Chelsea School of Art, London, UK
2000   Foundation in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins School of Art, London, UK


Solo Projects

2015   Copper Drawings, Artspace, London, UK (Opening July-September 2015)
2014   Views from Kaslo, Appleyard & Co, Norwich, UK
2013   Conductor, Norwich Arts Centre, UK
2013   Ascending and Descending Triangles, Mangreen Trust, Norfolk, UK
2013   Michael and Mary, St Justus Church, Rochester, Kent, UK
2012   Alchemical Apparitions, Appleyard & Co, Norwich, UK
2012   White Truss > Blue, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich, UK
2012   Anahata Torus, Donaldson Courtyard, Kimbolton, UK
2011   Michael & Mary, The Hostry Festival, Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk, UK
2010   Double Bend, Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire/Huntingdonshire, UK
2009   Purge to Flow, Arnold, 5th Avenue, New York, USA
2008   Sugar Accumulation, Central Park, New York, USA
2007   Water Bottle Falls, Fairmount Waterworks Interpretive Centre, Philadelphia
2006   Edible Ponds, Hackney Marshes, London, UK
2004   Taped and Sealed Flow, The Royal Festival Hall, London, UK


Group Exhibitions

2014   Retrospective, Appleyard & Co, Norwich, UK
2013   Tasty Modern, Schwartz Gallery, London, UK
2013   Synthesis, Newington Green, London, UK
2011   Savorr Vs. Seven Minutes, Stew Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
2011   Hackney WickED Festival, 29-31st July, Hackney Wick, London, UK
2009   Joan Mitchell Foundation Artist Teacher Exhibit, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2009   Heart to Heart, Fuel Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
2008   Open Studios, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, USA
2008   Happy Endings, Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Chelsea, New York, USA
2008   Take Issue, Philadelphia Sculptors Political Art, Washington Square, DC, USA
2008   Woodmere Art Museum Annual Juried Show, Philadelphia, USA
2007   Live Nude Art, Meyerson Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
2007   Earth Matters, University of Texas Pan-American, Houston, USA
2007   Tip of the Iceberg, The Schuylkill Centre, Philadelphia, USA
2007   One Night Stand, Nouveau Condominiums, Philadelphia, USA
2007   Yatoo Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Gemang, South Korea (and travelling)
2007   Summer Sculpture Show, Suburban Artists, Block Island, USA
2007   Philadelphia Sculptors: 5 into 1, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, USA
2006   The Intuitionist, Meyerson Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, USA
2006   Art in Feeling, Hand Impressions Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
2005   Valedictory Exhibition, Hills Road College Cambridge, UK
2003   Art and Consumerism, Urban Outfitters, Glasgow, UK
2002   Nothing but a Pack of Cards, The Century Gallery, London, UK
2002   Worlds End Sculpture, Moravian Churchyard, Kings Road, London, UK
2002   Trinity Group Show, Trinity Buoy Wharf Studios, London, UK
2002   Bound: Women in Art, Stag Place Plaza, London, UK


Awards and Residencies

2015   Insects Installation, Marner Primary School via Bow Arts Trust, London, UK
2012   Artist in Residence, Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire, UK
2011   Norfolk and Norwich Festival Award for ‘most ambitious Creative Agent’, UK
2010   Artist in Residence, Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire, UK
2009   Artist Teacher Award, services to Queensbridge Community in New York, USA
2009   Go Green Award New York Department of Youth and Community Development
2008   Artist in Residence, Vermont Studio Center, USA
2008   Laise Endowment and Clay Fellowship, awarded by Penn Design, USA
2006   Institute of Urban Research Scholarship for Growing Greener Cities conference
2006   Thouron Award Scholarship, two-year MFA at The University of Pennsylvania
2003   Bloomberg New Writers shortlist, London, UK


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Care of the Environment

Deb Hoy is committed to supporting the preservation of our natural environment.

You can view her Environmental Policy here.